Another Year is Dawning Ted

Another year is dawning Ted!

Dear Father, let it be,

in working or in waiting,

another year with thee;

another year of leaning

upon thy loving breast,

another year of trusting,

of quiet, happy rest.

Another year of mercies,

of faithfulness and grace;

another year of gladness

in the shining of thy face;

another year of progress,

another year of praise,

another year of proving

thy presence all the days.

Another year of service,

of witness for thy love;

another year of training

for holier work above.

Another year is dawning Ted!

Dear Father, let it be

on earth, or else in heaven,

another year for thee.


We choose to celebrate our men and women who out of their way go to put on our faces a smile

Some are little known because their good deeds are done in little villages but their efforts, I acknowledge in style

The best gifts to our country are men and women who consider their interests last and works tirelessly for the nation

Wewe ndio shujaa

Our heroe is that fisherman in who braves the cold to bring a tasty Nile Perch to our tables in the evening

Our heroine is that woman who braves the chilling cold of Kericho just to bring a sweet Kenyan tea to our tables in the morning

Ooooh yes, our shujaas are those politicians who stuck to their manifestos as the template for development delivery and are not coming back with malicious excuses

Ushujaa unaanza hapo ulipo

The men and women whose dissection and prescriptions bring life are our shujaa in these pandemic times, they have made the ultimate sacrifices

I also choose to celebrate the construction workers on our roads, our cities and country have taken a new face because of your sweats and ideas

The business community, our men and women in uniform, and out teachers are amongest the clique that we celebrate this day

Our heroes and heroines are the men and women whom the interest of this lovely country supersedes theirs

It’s a touch of empathy and integrity that counts to be called a Shujaa

The Shujaas of Old and the Shujaas in this these present times have left lifelong footprints that future generations will tread upon as they build a beautiful state

Your part is to strive to be a shujaa whether on site or out of site; just strive to be a good human being to those around you, they feel your ushujaa best

But There Is A God in Heaven

A journey that started as just a mere step comes to an end today.
If there are days that I have felt good about myself is today
To celebrate yourself at times becomes hard but to this day I had no otherwise
So today I decided to celebrate not my graduation but the experience
A flashback into life gave some scenes that almost made me break
But at the same time I saw scenes of mercy never ceasing, yeah those are the scenes that called for my loudest praise.
It is the efforts that my parents put to allow me to school that called the jubilation
The unending love and prayers uttered from trembling lips
The tough times that at times pushed us to the wall leaving us with the only phrase that later become a family slogan, “But there is a God in heaven”
These are the moments that made me jolly this very day.
I looked back and so the way my tutors were back in primary school used to constantly tell me, “Teddy you are a good boy and we believe you’ll go far”
Now it was not until a lecturer of mine reiterated the same words to me this morning, then the mood just changed and I just got so happy
These are the reasons that have made me celebrate this attainment.
I am cognizant of the fact that I am celebrating when everything is against academicians
Our country is on a great economic recession brought by Covid19
And the are no jobs for the fresh graduates exiting the learning
I am also not here to say that I have an opening for myself and I’ll get direct absorption
However, from my end, I believe deserts blossom in their time and at God’s appointed time he will make all my aspirations come to pass.
I know these moments come once in a lifetime and I decide to celebrate this auspicious occasion in style
Much thanks to the Almighty God for the firm grip, I know that with Him I shall go far just like my teachers have timelessly prophesied.
I march out knowing that “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.”
I also march out having the faith beyond doubt that, “The wilderness and the dry land will be glad; The Arabah (desert) will shout in exultation and blossom Like the autumn crocus.”
Finally, I march out with full confidence in God because in reviewing my history, having traveled over every step of advance to my present standing, I can say, Praise God! As I see what the Lord has wrought, I am filled with astonishment, and with confidence in Christ as a leader. Therefore, I have nothing to fear for the future, except as I shall forget the way the Lord has led me, and His teaching in my history.

Trust His Lead

The sunday morning this day was quite chilly and warm. I know this sounds quite ridiculous but from the weather man’s side the temperatures dropped as low as approximately 17C eventhough this was not the case for me, I was actually sweating out of anxiety and happiness. I could not imagine that a little village boy born and bred in dingy village that was hardly accessible even by road could travel to the city. This in itself was magic, quite unheard of. In the past I had only been told of the stories of how men in my village made it to Nairobi, which by then was regarded as the haven of opportunities.

Let me not bore you down from the onset with much stories of the of the city because we are getting there, so this Thursday morning of 25th August 2016. My mom prepared me some boild fish which I did eat and thereafter offered from me the prayer for Lameul’s Mother in Proverbs 31:1-7. There were strong advices in that prayer and some of the things there-in I used not to do however, my loving mother knew that as a young man I was not immune to sin and now that I was far away from my parent’s watchful eyes it could only take the hand of God to remain pure. From this fervent prayer I can attest it did miracles in my life.

All rigth back on the road, I took one of the buses from the West side and before sundown, I was right in te middle of the city. Busy as it is I was to wait for an uncle who was to pick me, he came after 30 minutes and we headed to his home. The experience on the first day was all glorious and the skycrappers made me feel the magic. I was so happy because the journey that started from a humble setting was now matching into its glorious face. It was like a river that picks its trajectory from the hills on little courses but when it is joining the sea it is a mighty rushing river. These accolades could i not only give to the numerous tutors who taught me a long the way but most importamt of them all was to God the provider and the giver of life and knowledge. He has moulded me and trained me till this far. Therefore, I really subscribe to James 1:5 “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.”

Now, my uncle helped me enroll in school and after 5 years I stand again to testify that God have helped me pull off this last face of the basic 8-4-4 system in my country. When I sit down to reflect the decades long journey at times I break in my heart of the hard times, but what kept me moving was the burning urge to change my story. I also had it behind my mind that there was no reward for corwardice neither do quiters win the race. When I come a second time and give my journey a close dissection I feel very happy and thankful for myself and all who trusted in me. It really took the hand of God till this far, I feel the whole of my journey has been a miracle.

Finally, I strongly subscribe to the words of Ellen Gould White who under the illumination of the spirit wrote these words "In reviewing my past history, having traveled over every step of advance to my present standing, I can say, Praise God! As I see what the Lord has wrought, I am filled with astonishment, and with confidence in Christ as leader. I have nothing to fear for the future, except as I shall forget the way the Lord has led me, and His teaching in my past history. "

The Clock

The clock is the greatest master of all that lives upon the earth. Nearly all humans living on earth black or white, red or yellow are living in a constant race against the clock. A healthy tussel of always trying to find themselves on the right side of time. This race continues solong as a person has not been declared no more by his/her doctor. That is why Solomon in all his wisdom writes and says that whatsoever your hand finds to dodo it with all your might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, where you are going. The wisest man ever lived is advicing men and women that they ought to redeem their time properly because the ultimate fate of the human family is death. Therefore timely execution of whatever duties a person is entrusted can save in the sunset days of an individual.

Time is among the many resource freely given to the human human family by their make. The manner in which a person redeems is now purely dependent on the discipline of the user. I wil also deem time to be one of the most perishable treasures more perishable than even the orchid flowers. As the saying goes a minute wasted can not be recovered, now just imagine imagine not being able to account for your time it is so sad a thing.

Time also enjoys equity of distribution since it is given without any partiality. It is given to men and women alike and does not require any affirmative action. Let us diagress alittle bit and look into the molecular clok of a woman. This clock ticks and it is so unforgiving to any woman who decides to defy it or even tests. For a woman its averagely 40-50 years beyond which she cant get a filial one generation which is an improved version of herself. Therefore, all have to rush against time and put everything in order before it’s late. Now what of men? are they left out? Not really, every man must rise up to be counted for his family before his youthful age is rendered useless by the grey hair. Just like the old David to his youthful son, every man must and I repeat must be strong and show themselves men before their knees starts complaining like a rusty door hinge.

We are in a race agaist time not fellow human beings when you come know of this then you will evade the group of individuals who maliciously appear to to be in a race against peers or even people in higher positions of trust. With the training in the school of time, one will be able to set timely goals and finish them in record time and set other goals. The race against time also brings a feeling of contentment and fulfilment with the current attainments. The clock is tickling and when all is said and done and the spirit returns to the father what will matter most to the world will be how best you raced against your time. This has reminded me of the old times I was engaged in athletics and my trainer who also happened to be my science teacher could advice me that after picking my lane and taking the lead, I was not to look behind at my competitors but the focus was supposed to be on how I was going to cover the next 5 Kms. I was to calculate best with my time and even though at times I could not win the race, completing it was always the most fulfilling thing. My wish is that you may race best against your time and that it may not over run you.

Why You Shouldn’t Invest in Amazon

Patience has never been a thing for the humans since creation. Our first parents failed the first test of patience by accepting to fall prey to the delusion of satan in the form of a serpent. They wanted to have a fast knowledge of knowing what is good or bad. You know the end result of their crafty means to gain knowledge by a magic bite. They lost the trust of God leading to subsequent expulsion from Eden. This was the first instance that patience and contentment came into play and we lost it.

Now looking into the current world we live in, it is quite mesmerizing that we live in times when impatience is glorified and is regarded so much as the way up the ladder. Let me bring it closer home have you ever found yourself in cue waiting to be served whatever it could be; maybe food, money at the bank, or even waiting to pick a matatu home? There are always this group of people who don’t have the patience of wating in the line till their turn comes. They will either fix themselves way up the cue or even be impuious to move straight to the serving counter. I am not here to condemn you if you have ever found yourself doing this but the fact remains that it is not a good habit and shows much disrespect to all who are in the cue.

These small acts of impatience have made our society to glorify vices and pick them up as the new normal. Character is said to be built bit by bit and from small acts that we less recognize. Impatience and lack of contentment have therefore been registered in the manner in which school exams are managed where teachers who should teach the students and asses their level understanding in exams turns out to be the drivers of exams cheating. The end justifies the means they say and therefore it should not surprise us to see a village MCA loot his kinsmen to the last coin in the name of rising the ladder in his time. He was taught that money easily earned is the sweetest from the cheating spree in exams. Neither should we not be surprised of lawyers who in tears defend a corrupt governor. It is not that he doesnt know that he stole, he is afater securing his pie in the case.

The list is long and the youths are not left out. They are currently scouting in social media looking for the latest app that can bring easy money. If not Amazon then it is Cheaper cash, if nto AIM Global then it is Global fortunes. Now wait even from the framing of these apps can’t you tell that they fake? How can Kenyan currency be Cheap to be called cheaper cash? God forbid. But this is the way the society has taught us to view the world. Things must be on the run, unluckily enough they end in “premium tears” What of our ladies? They are not left behind, they dream of an illusional world where they are married into a massionate, get driving husbands who spin G-wagons, and even receive proposals from men who can take them on dates to Beverly Hills. I don’t deny that you should not have one dear one, but they are one percent of the population. They are those who either inherited a fortune from their father or are way ahead of you agewise. Therefore, with this mentallity our young ladies fall for old but rich men who can finance their overambitious plans. You know the end result better, “premium tears” If you survive it then you are an extraordinary case and you can’t be used as an ideal case and neither can you be a control experiment.

Learn to invest your time in the things that you love most, be it education, business, a good relationship or even in your walk with God. You can’t wake up in a massionate, never that only happens in sop operas and Naija movies. Therefore, invest you time and have patience to wait for the results. I got something from Malcom Gladwell, He says that if you want to be an expert at anything you have to invest 10,000 in doing it over and over again. This is the 10,000 hours rule;

Gladwell uses several examples in Outliers when introducing this rule: one is the research done by Ericsson that focused on violin students at a music academy in Berlin. The study found that the most accomplished of the students had put in 10,000 hours by the time they turned 20. Gladwell also estimates that the Beatles put in 10,000 hours of practice playing in Hamburg in the early 1960s, and that Bill Gates put in 10,000 hours of programming work before founding Microsoft. Hence the 10,000 hour rule was born: put in your 10,000 hours of practice, and become an expert in a given field. Pretty easy, right?

Good things are worth the wait.


Come let us Reason

Reasoning as it is easily described is known to be the art of being sensible and logical while thinking about a particular thing. I want to move to the nitty-gritty and bring to you inductive and deductive reasoning. Arguments that persuade by referencing or citing examples that lead to a conclusion are referred to as inductive reasoning. On the other side of the coin, deductive reasoning, which involves syllogisms, refers to theories that derive specifics from what is already known. Therefore, in a nutshell, reasoning from a closer look into the two stated types will always be influenced by what is already known or citing examples that form part of the standards of proof and can allow you to conclude.

Reasoning demands much intellectual maturity so that one can not fall victim to argumentum ad hominem, which is where one practically puts the discussion topic aside and attacks the person. Therefore, it will be intellectual maturity that will put you on the course of reasoning and will remind you that reasoning is a mind thing and not a physical tussle. Additionally, reasoning should not be approached from a prejudiced lens and an open mindset is of necessity in whichever setting that your discussions are based.

Reasoning as well demands a lot of humility and it should be known to all that a single person should not win all discussions all the time. You can’t afford to be a know it all! When will you learn from others? Humility at discussions will teach you the art of saying; mmmmh, yeah, oooh yes, and when to interject. If listening to others proves tough then remember this saying that “never miss a good chance to shut up”. Finding a good chance to shut will give you a lot of reasons to continue in the discussion or even a hundred reasons to leave the discussion.

I learned a few things on reasoning that I would also like to share. The first one, when you are leading a discussion always remember that being outspoken does not guarantee you to be arrogant because it will only prove your ignorance. The second one when leading your discussions with people let it not be a hundred percent self. Of course, it is said that the only thing that you cant rubbish is one’s testimony, but give your reasoning a cocktail of other general experiences. Finally, give a listening year to the view of other people.

God in his wisdom says that “Come now, let us reason together,” says the LORD.“Though your sins are like scarlet, they will be as white as snow; though they are as red as crimson, they will become like wool. Therefore, even the awesome God embraced reasoning as a way of making his thought know to his children. In the same manner, I am encouraging you to always allow reasoning to have its way to enjoy a healthy conversation with your peers.


Dreams are lived and they are not midnight experiences
To have a vision is one thing and putting it down is another
To dream and not put it down makes a vision a mere story to tell
It is right to say that people may perish when they are void of a vision
It is like cooking a very strange food without a recipe
Or maybe planning to travel to a new location without a map for navigation
However big it may be just dream your dream and not it down
As it is said that out of sight out of mind so is a dream that is not penned down
Dream within and out of your reach
Have no fear of starting the journey of your dream on a small magnitude
Dream, dream, dream and make positive strides towards the achievement of your dreams.


The love for my mother is pure, enduring and unconditional

She has been in my life all this while oh how I wished she was eternal

Today I reflect the enduring love supernal

When I was young she fed me on healthy food to grow

My schooling age then came and she ensured I was in school before the cock could crow

I remember my old days with nostalgia; yeah she beats hundred mothers in a row

My mother’s love did not change as I climbed the education ladder

A lioness she was to protect and provide my necessities and she constantly kept me in check with her radar

My mother remains to be my best friend and will continue to be as I grow older

Her encouraging words carry me all the day when away from her vision

Spiritually she lifts me when I am low; oh yeah mom tells me that God brings all the good things in his season

Mom, I can’t thank you enough for the love, because of you my smiles have a reason.


She is my sweet pie whom I can feed on to my fullest

She is my cheerleader around her I dance my best

She is my lovely teacher, with her teachings I’m the brightest

Love in times of this pandemic made me believe your caring heart

We initiate our love on a high note till the knot is tied

Give me love, my baby

You are my melody

You are my remedy

Sweet darling I cherish your Love.